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Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering is the essential bridge between the basic engineering and construction phase of a project. During Detailed engineering all “Good for Construction“ and “Clash free drawings” are generated & reviewed along with the selected vendors / contractor.

There is continuous review of design/ engineering of various equipment and support function along with vendors and contractors. During this all the GA drawings and shop drawings of various disciplines are generated and accordingly composite drawings are generated and reviewed. There is close coordination & synergies among various discipline stake holders. This is highly interactive & progressive stage of the project.

Process & Plant Engineering

We provide end-to-end process and plant detailed engineering solutions for EPC compannies and industries for building their projects.

Piping & Mechanical Engineering

We provide Piping and Mechanical Engineering which covers the design of piping and layout of equipments and process units in facilities.

Electrical&Instrument Engineering

We provide Electrical and Instrumentation engineering services including development, design, component selection, electrical drawings and documentation.

Structural Engineering

We offer structural engineering in concept design, structural surveys, detailed design services for fabrication and assebmly in both large and small-scale industrial projects.

BIM Engineering

We offer end-to-end Building Information Modeling (BIM) services surrounding an extensive range of structural systems and elements for industrial projects.

Equipment Design

We provide Engineering, Consulting, Design and Drafting services of different type of pressure vessels and tanks for different industrial projects.

Our experience driven solid process

The Detailed Design stage follows after the FEED stage (Front-End Engineering Design). The basic design (with typically 12 to 20% of engineering completed) will be refined to 100% – usually by a contractor (e.g. EPC, EPCM or PMC; see below for more) – to enable procurement and construction. This is an iterative process, as different design activities can influence each other; for example, equipment design by vendors or routing of pipes may cause changes to the plant layout design. Cost estimate accuracy in this stage has improved to around +/- 10%. The duration of this stage varies depending on the nature, location, size and complexity of the project.

In Detailed Design, larger equipment and long-lead items are already procured from vendors and suppliers, to allow integrating equipment dimensions and specifications into the design. Supplied equipment can come with all many kinds of vendor documentation, such as layouts, datasheets and manuals. In-time delivery of all vendor documentation by a (large) variety of equipment suppliers can be a major challenge and risk for engineering projects. It helps to have a clear, accessible, up-to-date Vendor Document Requirements list (VDR, VDRL or SDRL) with links to the related equipment and vendors/suppliers, and clear due dates to enable tracking & expediting of this documentation category.

The number of deliverables, stakeholders and activities is at its peak in the Detailed Design stage. Staying on top of things now demands a continuous, dedicated Document Control effort, and a suitable eDMS that meets the project requirements. This is crucial for achieving a timely completion and approval of all project deliverables, and prevent costly project delays or other (unplanned) deviations.

Key Deliverables and Outputs

- Scope of Work

- Project Schedule

- Constructability Review

- HAZOP report (hazard and operability study)

- Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)

- Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) study

- L2D models

- 3D models

- Detailed designs that can be used for construction and installation

- Detailed piping drawings such as isometrics

- Pipe support details

- Approved vendor drawings and P&ID’s

- Vendor Data Sheets

- (Equipment) Process data sheets

- Equipment List

- Valve List

- Line List

- Tie-in List

- Instrument Index

- Single-Line Diagrams (SLD)

- Material Take Off (MTO; list of materials required for construction)

- Start up, operating & commissioning procedures

- Emergency shutdown (ESD) philosophy

- Demolition drawings