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Project Management

We lead the planning, organization and control of resources linked to engineering and construction projects, guaranteeing profitability, quality and meeting deadlines.

Planning & Scheduling

Planning and scheduling of your resource plays a key role in project management. It helps you understand the scope of the project ahead of time and manage/assign your resource accordingly.

Contract Management

You’ll need to work through four key stages of the contract management lifecycle to meet your deadline and goals. Breaking the work up like this can help you better manage your contract, no matter its complexity.

Cost Control

Monitoring actual costs against your cost estimates helps to ensure that corrective action can be taken before any shortfall occurs. This regular review also allows you to make adjustments in costs for future project phases.

Construction Supervision

We offer periodic inspections for operational assets such as power plants, refineries or pipelines during their in-service life in order to assess the condition of parts and components and determine if any repairs are required. Depending on the equipment or plant, its age, condition and evaluated risk profile, different inspection approaches are used.

Author Supervision

The site supervisor is involved from the early stages of the project, during the preparatory phase and as plans are drafted. They identify the constraints and specificities that apply to the project and are responsible for applying the proper health and safety measures.

Installation Examination

The overall goal of installation, testing, and commissioning is to confirm that the facility meets the design intent and requirements. In other words, the facility is functioning on its intent working condition and function.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays an essential role in construction projects. It ensures construction tasks are completed according to safety standards, professional expectations, and customer requirements.