Innovative Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

GTU specializes in engineering for energy, water, and infrastructure. Our services include strategic and technical consultancy, FEED engineering, detailed engineering, computational engineering, project management and construction supervision.

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Engineering Services

We deliver all engineering phases for your projects in water and energy industries.

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FEED & Detailed Engineering Solutions

Comprehensive engineering solutions tailored for the each sector to optimize performance and efficiency.

Strategic & Technical Consultancy

Expert consultancy services to help clients develop strategic plans for their projects.

Computational Engineering

Utilizing advanced computational tools to analyze and optimize systems for maximum efficiency.

Project Management and Construction Supervision

World class project management and construction supervision for succesfully completed projects.

Explore our projects

See projects section for more projects we performed around the world.

Balaban Gıda Water Treatment Plant

Design and supply of well water treatment and softening plant for Balaban Gıda in Türkiye.

Detailed piping engineering for dry gallery of 5000 m3 of water reservoir in Balchik Integrated Water Project, Bulgaria.

Construction supervision activities for Unilever Algida Industrial Wastewater Treatment (MBBR) plant in Corlu, Turkiye.

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-Piping Engineering-

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